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Our Russian Visa Service 

Russian Tourist Visa Support Invitations
Russian Business Visa Support Invitations

Tourist documents are delivered by eMail within 30 minutes of receiving your Russian Visa Order


Russian Tourist Visa

All tourists who wish to come to Russia must undoubtedly possess tourist visa. Single or double entry- both will have visa issued for maximum of 30 days under this category. This visa is easy to get but for that you must have in possession the formal invitation from an agency that is looking after your traveling plans. This tourist visa is cheapest in terms of money but as it is not extendable. So you have to wind up your tour accordingly and leave the country immediately within the lapsing date of your tourist visa.

Russian Business Visa

Comparatively more expensive business visa can have multiple uses. Business visa can range anywhere between 1 month to 12 months. But you are not legalized to stay in Russia for more than six months at a stretch. This visa is renewable and is applicable for single as well as multiple entries. If you are invited by some organization for your business trip then they will arrange for your visa documentations. But if you are applying in person you need formal business invitation from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) or your travel agent can arrange for your invitation.

Private Visa in Russia

It is basically meant for those who are coordinally invited in their private homes- means relatives! This visa is meant for single entry only and is valid for up to 3 months. But it requires running from pillar to post by your relatives to the local immigration office and requires more processing time. So people instead prefer tourist or business visa for saving themselves from the hassles.


Get Russian Transit Visa

It is meant for people who need to cross Russia during their continued journey from one place to another. This visa is non extendable and requires your onward ticket to your desired destination. Also it is issued for only ten days. If you are having a break journey in Russia, you need to show the visa of the place you are actually going to.

Exit Visa

Yes there is an exit visa for those who stayed in Russia (even a day long) even after the lapse of their visa. Without an exit visa in this case you are not allowed to leave the country and can be put into prison for illegal staying. In case of flight rescheduling you will get an emergency exit visa in the airport. But in other cases as medical case you need doctor’s prescription and in business visa your organization has to work on your Russian visa. It is risky and expensive so it is always suggested that you take extra time in your hand and come here always.

Medical Insurance

Native travelers from Israel, Finland, Estonia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain- coming under all categories of Russian visa need to travel with their medical insurance under the law of Russian visa. US citizens are out of this law circle.

Visa Services Offered By Us

We provide authentic and hassle free and timely services as per your visa requirements. Simply fill in the attached form after following in the mentioned instructions accurately and indulge in packing your travel bags!


Russian Visa Application Forms

After obtaining your Visa Invitation and Support Documents, you will need to apply for your Visa at your local Russian Consualte. 

Free Online Application Form:   Russia Visa Application Form

If you plan to apply for your Visa London then you can visit the official Russian Embassy site




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