Stroganov Palace St Petersburg

Stroganov Palace

A branch of the Russian Museum
17 Nevsky prospekt 191186 St. Petersburg
Open: 10am - 5pm
Closed: Tuesdays
Tel. 219-1608
Nearest metro stations: Nevsky prospekt and Gostiny Dvor

Stroganov PalaceThe 'father' of the Stroganov Palace, Bartolomeo Francesco, whose project was put into effect in 1753 with further redesigns of interiors performed by Andrei Voronikhin in the end of 18th century. 

Count Sergei Stroganov was a famous connoisseur of art, and this palace soon became home to different art collections with no exception to European and Russian paintings. 

The palace was in the Stroganovs ownership till 1917 when revolution took place. After the communists came to power, the palace was turned into a museum and opened its doors to visitors. In 1991 it became one of the branches of the Russian Museum.

As soon as the restoration work is finished, the Palace will become home for an exhibition of Russian decorative and applied arts from the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of the restored rooms house a temporary exhibition of wax figures of the Romanovs.
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