How to Get a Russian Tourist Visa

Step by Step Guide to Get Your Russian Tourist Visa


To travel to Russia as a tourist most nationalities will require a Visa to enter, You require to follow a few steps to obtain your visa which is quite easy to do. First you will require a Russian Visa Invitation Voucher from a official licensed Russian Tour operator. You can order it instantly with destinationRussia.



All nationals of countries unless from former CIS countries will require a Visa to enter Russia. You can obtain a Russian Tourist Visa for a maximum of 30 days.  You can check the current requirments at the vfsGlobal


Step 1.   Visa Invitation Letter

You should plan your trip and either have booked or plan to book where you will stay during your visit to Russia, these details will be needed for your Visa Invitation Voucher.

Obtain your Russian Visa Invitation Voucher and support letter  .    Order Online here

You will recieve an email with an attached document ,  Print this document and send it along with your application form 

Step 2.  Application Form

Complete and print out the Online application form which can be found online at this link .    Russian Visa Application Form

Provide a Passport Size photo and attach this to the application form

Step 3.  Send to Consulate for Processing

Documents to Send

  1. Application Form
  2. Passport ( with at least 6 months after your return from Russia and  blank page)
  3. Passport Photo
  4. Visa Invitation Letter
  5. Consulate Fee

Send or apply in person with the above documents and your processing fee.   You will then have your passport and visa returned to you ready for travel.

Please allow 4 weeks before travel to process and obtain your visa.

UK and Denmark Passport Holders are required to submit the application in person and provide Biometric data,  please check details at the Visa processing center .  vfsGlobal
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